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AAAPC Members in Action

This page is constantly updated. Members will be added as they advise the Secretariat.

Name Committee

Lyndal Trevana

HREC (Human Research Ethics Committee) - Chair

Dr Marie Pirotta

HREC (Human Research Ethics Committee) - Vice Chair

Prof Teng Liaw

HREC (Human Research Ethics Committee) - GP Rep

Dr Amanda Barnard

GPET Recruitment Working Party

Prof Mark Nelson

2008 GP & PHC Research Conference Committee - Rep

A/Prof Liz Farmer

RACGP Vocational Training Standards Reference Group

Dr Deborah Askew

GPET Planning Committee

Prof Chris Del Mar


A/Prof Neil Spike

RACGP Quality Framework for Australian General Practice - Rep

Dr Noel Hayman

GPET ATSI Health Training Reference Group - Rep

Prof Jane Gunn

NPS Research & Development Committee
RACGP NSC - Research
beyondblue Victoria Centre of Excellence

A/Prof Graeme Jones

RACGP Vic Faculty Board
RACGP Rural Faculty Board

Dr Geoff Mitchell

Palliative Care Medicines Working Group (DoHA) - A/Chair

Dr Jenny Doust

RACGP NSC - Research

Prof Alan Crockett

RACGP National Research Awards Committee - Rep

Dr Joachim Sturmberg

RACGP Faculty Board
RACGP MAP Steering Committee
NSW GP Council

Prof Nicholas Glasgow

GPET Convention Planning Committee

A/Prof Steve Trumble

The inaugural AAAPC nominee to the ministerially appointed board of General Practice Education and Training Limited, the commonwealth company that administers the Australian General Practice Training Program. Steve's term runs from August 2004-2009.

Prof Dimity Pond

GPET Registrar Research Committee - Rep

Dr Malcolm Ireland

NSW State Health Committee - Information Management & Technology Health Priority Taskforce


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