Information for Online Presenters

This year’s new online Conference format means the approach to presentations will look different from previous years. The Conference will be coordinated through a Mobile App. Please find below details on the structure of sessions and the format of presentations. Please see the Speaker Guidelines for more details on how to present on the day.

Still have some tech questions? Check out our regularly updated Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Please note that all times in the program are in AEST (Sydney/Melbourne) time - please check the program and use the World Clock on the App to convert the time to your local area.

Oral Presentations

You will present your work during a concurrent session at the Conference, hosted on the Zoom platform. You will need a microphone and camera.

The session will run for one hour and have four presenters. The session will run as follows:

  • Each presenter will have 6 minutes to present their work.
  • You can either record your presentation and share your screen with sound enabled OR present your work live by sharing your screen and using your microphone (e.g., using PowerPoint or Prezi). Please practice your presentation prior to the conference and get feedback from a colleague.
  • After each individual presentation, there will be 4 minutes for questions. Delegates will type their questions into a chat box and the Session Chair will ask you the questions to answer live. You will need a microphone and camera.
  • After the four presentations, there will be a 20 minute panel session. The Session Chair will ask questions from the audience to each of the speakers. The speakers can also ask each other questions if invited to by the Chair.

This is a different style to a usual conference. This is to ensure more interaction with delegates who are sitting at home watching the Conference. 

For some tips on how to give an engaging presentation, see this Twitter thread from Dr Paul Grinzi, and from p cubed presentations on how to give a memorable talk online.

Poster Presentations

You must submit your poster to the AAAPC by 6 August.

  • Posters must be submitted as one single PowerPoint slide in landscape layout, size 16:9.
  • JPEG or PNG is the preferred file format for inserted images. Please be mindful of any copyright issues of photos used when creating your poster.
  • Submitted poster file in .ppt or .pptx format must not be larger than 500MB.
  • Font – Arial, Verdana, Tahoma and Times New Roman are recommended.
  • Font size – we suggest that headings should be between 30 – 40 points and content 14 – 20 points.
  • You may embed video in the slide and delegates will be able to click on the video to activate the motion. Any video included must be viewable within your presentation time.
  • Please keep in mind that delegates using the Conference App on a touch screen (tablet, phone) will be able to zoom in and out but those using the Web App will not be able to zoom. See more information and examples at
  • It is critical that your poster is submitted to the AAAPC by 6 August as during the 2 minute presentations, posters will be displayed by the Session Chair through a central slideshow created prior to the Conference; presenters will not be able to share their screens. Please note, presenters will be required to share their screens during the breakout poster walk sessions.
Please follow the links below for additional help with embedding your video into your PowerPoint presentation:

At the conference

All posters will be available in the Conference App for the duration of the conference. Your poster can be easily searched via the App. Delegates will be able to view your poster, give a score out of 5 stars, and email you directly about your work (to the email address you provided on submission of your work). Delegates will be able to download your poster in PDF format (if you allow them to do so - you can nominate this when uploading your poster). You can track statistics on the number of views and downloads for your poster within the App.

Presenting your poster at the conference

Posters will also be presented during one of two poster sessions. You will have the opportunity to display your poster and give an "elevator pitch" about your work using the Zoom platform. To take advantage of this, please ensure you have a microphone and camera enabled for the Conference. You will have a strict maximum of two minutes to speak about your work - please practice prior to the Conference and get feedback on your pitch from a colleague.

After the pitches, poster presenters will be asked questions by delegates and have the opportunity to explain their work in more detail in breakout discussion rooms. You will also need a microphone and camera for this.


You will have 60 minutes for your workshop, hosted on the Zoom platform.

  • You will present your work live by sharing your screen and using your microphone (e.g., using PowerPoint or Prezi).
  • For discussions, we recommend not sharing your screen so that more participants are visible on the screen.
  • All presenters will need microphones and cameras enabled.
  • There will be a technician in the room to support you with the technology if required.
  • There is an option to send attendees into breakout rooms if desired.
  • Participants will be able to "unmute" themselves to share in the discussion.
  • You are encouraged to make the most of the chat function and the polling function to enable interaction.

To make sure your workshop runs smoothly, please email with details of your workshop by 31 July.

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